Designer Anju Modi’s couture line resurrects heritage crafts and ancient techniques to visualise the dynamic reincarnation of the soul, unbound by time. Indian design sensibilities that have existed for centuries unite for the designer’s depiction of Manikarnika, the reincarnation that contemporarises the style ethos of the past. Interestingly, she uses age-old techniques to perfection for redefining India’s future perception of couture that cannot be restricted just to bridal. The collection balances rich and soft tones through exquisite detailing. While earthy, sepia tones are a reflection of the past, rich jewel tones of burgundy and emerald add luxury and elegance. The embroideries have been inspired by the architecture and the paintings of the Ajanta-Ellora caves. Anju details fabrics like khadi and tussar for lehengas and kalidars. Stowstopper, Kangna Ranaut wore a heavily-embroidered crop top with a lehenga. “I wanted to bring back our design heritage and our artistry through the idea of Manikarnika or reincarnation of a woman. Kangna reflects this concept, beautifully. She is modern, and personifies the woman of today who is the central thought of this collection. She is a fashion icon who has transformed herself with every character she plays on screen. She carries herself effortlessly and with utmost grace.Anju Modi has transformed the vision of fashion in Bollywood with her innovative and ingenious sensibility. I had never heard of Manikarnika before Anju came up with this concept. Anju’s muse is a woman who has been reborn from the past but her thought process is contemporary and modern. The collection is best suited for ethnic occasions.The collection was showcased at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014 organized by FDCI.


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