Lost in the charm of the Old World, Ridhi Mehra’s brand defines a clear love for vintage, imbibing European influences mixed with traditional Indian aesthetics.The label—diverse in its appeal—portrays its eclectic nature through a mesh of custom-made couture creations. It places emphasis on fine tailoring and suave cuts, incorporating traditional Indian embroideries, finally embellished in a refined modern approach. Paying tribute to indian craftmanship, the label carries intrinsic elements of Parisian and Grecian cultures, clearly evident in its flouncy drapes and silhouettes. Much in synch with seasonal global trends, the label exhibits a mix of contemporary fabrics, and a vivid colour palette. Prior to the recent launch of her eponymous label, she spent three years in England studying Business Management from Nottingham, followed by a course in Fashion Design at the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi. She has since worked with some of the most influential brands in the industry.



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