Meera and Muzaffar Ali at BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 Every year, designers Meera and Muzaffar Ali have something inherently unique in their presentation of the rich Awadhi culture’s impact on Indian bridal wear. Subtly reflecting the look and feel of Muzaffar Ali’s upcoming period film, Raqs, this year, their collection was inspired by the history of Kotwara and its royal family. In a subtle manner, white has become the runway statement-colour of Meera and Muzaffar’s Kotwara collections. The collection represented the best of Kotwara’s past collections over the last 5 years in both styling and palette. Each of the classic vintage ensembles have evolved and been detailed to perfection. Pearls blend with sequins, chiffons blend with velvets and nets blend with brocades created a collage of textures, silhouettes and colours.The duo introduced elements of royal dressing through a stylised approach with off-shoulder sleeves to high neck sleeveless blouses, embroidered overcoats for both men and women, angarakhas and flared kurtas for men and heavy accents of velvet and embroidery dipped in royalty. Yet again, their collection presented the quintessence of the Awadh culture.


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