Drawing curtains to a scintillating finale at The BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014, master couturier JJ Valaya presented a symphony of bridal traditions known as ‘The Nautch of Fez’ depicting art, culture and lyrical heritage of assorted societies in India. Inspired by the Moroccan timeline and the influences of Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, the nomadic Berbers, the Turks and the Spaniards, Valaya brought about a play of art and design with subtle infusion of elements of the Indian Nautch girls of the past. The designers’ collection travelled back to the era of feudal societies of India, where grand musicians performed songs and dances for royalty and wealthy merchants. Through their artistic performances, these well-educated and skilled artists helped to maintain India’s culture of music, dance and storytelling; priceless strands that wove the fabric of India’s rich musical and lyrical heritage. With techniques like digital printing, appliqué and laser burning, Valaya perfectly blended the past with cutting edge contemporary chic. His crisp signature Crepes, Dupion, Georgettes and fine velvets dappered in antique, metallic and neutral tones adorned the rich Indian culture giving rise to an intriguing fashion medley.


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